Differences between SEO and SEM


Search Engine Marketing-How it Differs from Search Engine Optimization


Search engine marketing is a set of marketing methods utilized to increase the visibility of a website in internet search engine results pages. Kinds of search engine marketing consist of; search engine optimization, ppc, paid addition, and social media optimization. Search engine marketing varies from SEO which is the art and science of making web pages attractive to web search engines.

Non-profit companies, universities, political celebrations, and the federal government can all benefit from internet search engine marketing. Companies that sell items and/or services online can use internet search engine marketing to help improve their sales figures.

What are the Differences between SEO and SEM


Some of the objectives of search engine marketing are to develop a brand name, create a buzz surrounding your company, creating video’s and other methods to create a viral  movement of your message to the masses, and to drive customers perhaps  to a physical store or brick and mortar location.

Most companies we deal with do not feel confident or  adequate using all of the different social platforms out there to try their own online search engine marketing.  I hear most of the time, that companies simply do not want to take the time to write articles, post pictures and make posts that will drive traffic to their doors.  It is simply to daunting a process.  One, they don’t know what the social properties are that are trending, and they just do not care to learn about them all.   There are a many of companies that will help you in they complex process for a price, but what is a fair price?  Find a business that actually has clients that are ranking for particular keywords in the search engine results pages before you start throwing out your money chasing these seemingly magical rankings. If you choose to go with a particular search engine marketing company take your time and shop around.  Look at their results.  They speak volumes.

Stay away from companies that promise leading rankings, for very minimal prices. The majority of companies that promise top ranking are more interested in your money, than ranking your company for anything other than a long tail keyword, or one that has very little is any traffic associated with it.  Frequently this kind of company will charge you a couple of hundred of dollars a month, invest a couple of days making certain your site has a few basic long tail keywords optimized, and then that is the last you hear from them. They rank you, but not for anything that will make the phone ring.  This kind of business is not actually interested in repeat customers.

Tread carefully around business that guarantee first page rankings on the major internet search engine like Google and Yahoo. Make sure that they are targeting the keywords that can make you money and ROI.

The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) was developed in 2003 to offer the public educational resources about search engine marketing and to also promote search engine marketing. SEMPO has offers search engine marketing training courses for any and all interested celebrations who would like to broaden their understanding of search engine marketing. SEMPO’s objectives are to teach search engine marketing techniques, techniques, and effective practices, to increase the accessibility and quality f its experts, and to offer training courses that will help to develop a benchmark for search engine marketing.

So, SEM, is spending time and money on marketing programs and processes that will help your company become visible in the internet search engine results pages.  SEO is a process that will optimize your web properties so that they will be better interpreted by search engines.  Better optimization will result in your marketing dollars producing more traffic to your web properties and hopefully more dollars spent buying your companies products.